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February Event Calendar

Check out the fun events we have planned for the month!


Friday, February the 2nd - Pawcicle Yapatizers: Get ready for a frosty treat!

Our campers will enjoy delicious, frozen yapatizers. It's a cool way to start our

month of fun!

Tuesday, February the 6th - Touch Down Tuesday: It's football fever at camp!

A day filled with football-themed games and activities. Perfect for our sporty pups.

Friday, February the 9th - Game Time Tail "Wagging" Party: Our tailgate party for the dogs! Expect games, treats, and lots of tail-wagging excitement.

Monday, February the 12th - Be Mine Valentine's Day Photoshoot: Capture your pup's adorable side with a Valentine's Day photoshoot. Only $20 per camper!

Wednesday, February the 14th - Valentine's Day Cards: Our campers will create adorable Valentine's cards!

Friday, February the 16th - Smooches for Pooches: Pucker up for some puppy love! A day of affectionate activities and sweet treats.

Tuesday, February the 20th - Tug of War: Test your strength in our tug of war challenge. A great way for pups to play and exercise together.

Thursday, February the 22nd - Woofs & Wellies Weekday Walk: A scenic hike for our campers. $15 per camper.

Friday, February the 23rd - Doggy Donuts: Treat your pup to delicious doggy donuts. A tasty treat for just $2 per camper.

Monday, February the 26th - Puzzle Day: Stimulate your dog's mind with fun puzzles. A great way to challenge and entertain our campers. $5 per camper.

Thursday, February the 29th - Leap Day Agility Course: Celebrate Leap Day with an exciting agility course. It's a day of jumps, runs, and fun! $10 per camper.

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